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Our Team

Top Team


Our technical team comprises seasoned professionals sourced from renowned domestic top-tier design institutes. The majority boast nearly two decades of experience in project management, technical oversight, and large-scale facility design within the petrochemical engineering realm.


Rich experience in

various fields


Accumulating rich expertise in catalytic cracking, hydroprocessing, desulfurization, sulfur recovery, and polypropylene plant design, they have made significant contributions to China’s petroleum and chemical industry.


High education, high level


Continuously elevating the caliber of our workforce, approximately 90 percent of our staff hold bachelor’s degrees or higher, with nearly 60 percent possessing intermediate or higher professional titles. 


Personnel training


Several technical leaders wield considerable influence in the fields of petrochemical engineering technology and management. We emphasize talent cultivation, conducting periodic training sessions, internships, and establishing an internal technical proficiency hierarchy to foster skill enhancement and technological advancement.